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Our History - Our Purpose

Healthy Leaders - Healthy Families

Healthy Organizations

In 2003, God placed a desire in the hearts of Greg and Tanja Brewer to find ways to encourage and bless individuals who are actively serving in Christ-centered ministries and compassion-based organizations. This desire was formed while reading a story found in the biblical book of 2 Kings 4:7-17.


           The story found in 2 Kings 4 tells how a wealthy woman would often cook for a prophet who passed by her home. This prophet was very active in her community and passed by her home on a regular basis. The Bible says the woman and her husband perceived that the prophet was a righteous man of God. They decided to build an extra room onto their home, so that the prophet would have a place to rest whenever he was in their city.


    The key to this story is that the couple saw a faithful man, doing the work of God in their local community, and they decided to help by supporting him with practical resources. Genesis 12:3 reminds us that God blesses those who find ways to bless His people. Prophet’s Rest exists to fulfill this biblical principle of blessing those who do the work of God in our communities.

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